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Relay Blocks.

There are times when you find you need to drive a high current or high voltage output from a low voltage source. Relay Block 1 has a low voltage DC input. Customers have used Relay Block 1 to key a transmitter from a standard alarm output using one set of contacts and the second set to mirror the initial signal to a local alarm panel.

Relay Block 1 .................. R 30.00 (Specify Coil Voltage)

Relay Block 2 has a high input impedance FET buffer. The relay may be triggered from devices like LEDs without affecting the brightness and achieving high Voltage or high current switching in tandem with the operation of the LED.

Delay-On Timer. These devices are supplied as a PCB, with four mounting holes, for inclusion into control panels. They are ideal for airconditioning plant and standby power plant controls. The timers are available in DC and AC versions. AC versions are available in 230V 50Hz and 110V 60Hz, please specify. The DC version is capable of operation from 12V or 24V AC or DC as there is an integral rectifier and regulator in the design.

Delay-On-Timer .................. R 65.00 (Specify AC version or DC and Voltage)

Dual Thermostat. This is a dual inflection, pre-set, thermostat that may be used to monitor the two trip points independantly of each other, providing a visual indication and a dual changover relay output for each trip point. The device has a power supply monitor providing a dual changover relay and visual indication of a low supply voltage condition. There is also an RS232 compatible port included so that the supply voltage can be monitored to the nearest 0.1V and the trip points may be set. This device requires 12VDC.

Dual Thermostat .................. R 350.00

In the Relay Blocks, the coil voltage is selectable; 5V, 12V or 24V. The polarity of the trigger should also be stated, negative ground with positive trigger voltage, or positive ground with negative trigger voltage. Relay Block 1 has double changeover output contacts, each rated 2.5A @ 230VAC. Relay Block 2 is supplied in similar coil voltages and polarity triggers, but has a single changover contact rated 10A @ 230VAC.

Relay Block 1.................. R 30.00 (Specify Coil Voltage)

Relay Block 2 .................. R 40.00 x 5 R200.00 (Specify Coil Voltage and polarity)

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