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Power Block 1

powerblock1The size of this block is 50mm X 50 mm (2"x2").

This voltage convertor is available in output Voltages of +5V, +12V and +24V. The the supply input is diode protected to prevent reverse polarity damage, is thermal protected and is largely short-circuit resistant. This Power Block will supply 1A maximum when the feed voltage does not exceed 3V higher than the rated output. If the feed Voltage is higher, a ballast resistor is suggested.

An application for this device might be at the end of a long run where copper losses make an alarm transmitter erratic in operation. By using Power Block 1 you get a local, regulated, full voltage supply available at the end of your run, easily improving the reliability of the transmitter and doubling the distance your signal would be able to travel. By eliminating the voltage drop in the supply sent from the control panel to the remote transmitter, you are generating a full spec. signal at the transmitter, just as if it were being supplied with clean power right at the control panel, so, your signal only experiences degradation in one direction and your power run becomes less suceptable to fluctuation and interference.

Power Block 1 .................. R 35.00

Please specify voltage when ordering.

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