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Power Block 2

powerblock2This building block is a complete 220VAC mains * fed DC power supply. There are 3 regulated output voltages supplied as standard, 24V, 12V and 5V. This power block is designed to charge two 1.2Ah sealed lead acid gel batteies in series so that, in the event of mains fail, a no-break DC supply is created . There is also provision for an external, supplemental, 24VDC power feed that will be able to charge the batteries and supply the circuit, should the need arise. Each output is able to supply 1A alone. The combined current draw from the 3 Voltage levels should not exceed 1A due to transformer constraints. This circuit is thermal protected and is largely short-circuit resistant. We have units in the field that are over 3 years old with zero downtime and original batteries.

Installation Instructions in PDF or Word format.

Power Block 2 .................. R 212.00

* Please specify on order if 110VAC 60Hz is required.

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