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Power Blocks

Power blocks are for applications where a local, low current stable voltage source, is required.

Power Block 1 is designed to accept up to a 30V source supply, AC or DC, and provide a fixed, regulated 5V, 12V or 24V output at up to 250mA without a ballast resistor and a supply of 24V. A typical application might be a fire alarm transmitter at the end of a long cable run.

Power Block 1 .................. R 35.00

Power Block 2 is a full, mains power supply providing fixed 5V, 12V, 24V at 1A and a no-break battery backup with integral Gel-Battery charger.

Power Block 2 .................. R 322.00

* Please specify on order if 110VAC 60Hz is required.

Power Block 3 is a regulated, thermal overload protected, 5A current limited, power supply. It will accept an input voltage of up to 30V, AC or DC. The output Voltage output is adjustable and may be set to anything from around 1V to about the supply voltage, minus 3V. This Power Block may be also be used as a Gel-Battery charger due to the voltage and current limiting features.

Power Block 3.................. R 120.00

Note: In all Power Blocks that do not have an integral transformer, the larger the difference between the supply voltage and the output voltage, the hotter the Power Block will run. If you are providing a DC supply, the input to output difference needs to be only 3V. If the supply is un-rectified low Voltage AC, the difference is recommended to be about 4V. That means that if you want to use a12VDC Power Block and would like to supply it with un-rectified, low Voltage AC, an appropriate supply would be from a 16VAC transformer. Up to 18VAC should be fine too. If you use a 12VDC Power Block, an un-regulated DC source of 15V to 18V would be fine.

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